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BC 70/30 I


• Comprised of high grade asphalts, neoprene and acrylic copolymers

• Elastomeric sealer and coating

• Designed as a base coat

• Adheres to wood, asphalt emulsion and metal

• Creates a waterproof finish

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• Water based, non-toxic

• White elastomeric / acrylic coating

• Designed as a base coat

• Adheres to wood, metal, urethane foam

  and expanded polystyrene foam

• Creates a waterproof finish

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This material is a medium grade polyester fabric embedded into base

coats to reinforce the coating and provide a stronger, more durable roofing system.


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• High solid elastomeric roof coating

• Designed for application over base coats

• Creates a weatherproof, fire resistant,

  ultraviolet resistant coating

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• Heavy-bodied emulsion

• Elastomeric sealant

• Adheres to clean surfaces to create a waterproof sealant

• Remains flexible to prevent mildew and leaks

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This product is a combination of an acrylic / elastomeric roof coating and insulating ceramic beads to create exceptional performance for your roof membrane.


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